My name is John Grimaldi Jr. and I am an animation / Visual effect artist and digital matte painter with over 20 years in the feature film / tv series industry.  my Credits include:  Saturday night live, Game of Thrones, The greatest showman and much much more.   Starting back in the industry as a traditional animator and artist, I have focused extensively on sharping my art skills across a mass mediums from traditional art to 3D, digital art to motion design.   today im excited about the vast opportunities that have been opened for artists to display their work and be as creative as they want without reservation.   Because of this, I have focused  my own personal projects as kryptonomous-B to separate my art from professional studio work to personal projects- kryptonomous-b is the creative artist within, free to design, create and bring to life art that tells compelling stories in different mediums.   as I explore new opportunites to create with freedom of expression and creativity, I excited share my art through rare collections and limited edition art pieces.

 if you are interested in my professional studio profile, please feel free to visit my personal page         
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